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4  Antiarrhythmic drug: from mechanisms to clinical practice D M Roden September 2000;84:339–46 (Education in Heart)

5  Low dose amiodarone and sotalol in the treatment of recurrent, symptomatic atrial fibrillation: a comparative, placebo controlled study G E Kochiadakis, N E Igoumenidis, M E Marketou, M D Kaleboubas, E N Simantirakis, P E Vardas September 2000;84:251–7 (Cardiovascular medicine)

6  Thyroid disease and the heart A D Toft, N A Boon October 2000;84:455-60 (Education in Heart)

7  Coronary heart disease incidence in northern and southern European populations: a reanalysis of the seven countries study for a European coronary risk chart A Menotti, M Lanti, P E Puddu, D Kromhout September 2000;84:238–44 (Cardiovascular medicine)

8  Pharmacogenetics and the treatment of cardiovascular disease M R Wilkins, A D Roses, C Piers October 2000;84:353–4 (Editorial)

9  When should ACE inhibitors or warfarin be discontinued after myocardial infarction? S E Weigers, M St John Sutton October 2000;84:361–2 (Editorial)

10 Non-invasive coronary artery   imaging with electron beam computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging P J de Feyter, K Nieman, P van Ooijen, M Oudkerk October 2000;84:442–8 (Education in Heart)