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Long term follow up of long QT syndrome treated by overdrive pacing
  1. B Campanelli,
  2. J-M Chaudron
  1. Centre Hospitalier de Jolimont-Lobbes, 7100 La Louvière, Belgium
  1. Dr CampanelliBcampanelli{at}


Long term follow up of a patient with idiopathic long QT syndrome is described. A 5 year old girl was admitted with attacks of unconsciousness. Epilepsy was diagnosed and the patient was treated with anticonvulsants. During other episodes, ECG study showed torsades de pointes. The patient was treated with β blockers, stellectomy without success, and later with overdrive pacing. The young woman is now 43 years old and in good health. It is suggested that early overdrive pacing be implanted in young people with symptomatic long QT syndrome.

  • long QT syndrome
  • β blockers
  • pacemaker
  • long term survival

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