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These articles scored the most hits on Heart's website during January 2002

1 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: management, risk stratification, and prevention of sudden death

WJ McKenna, ER Behr

February 2002;87:169–76. (Education in Heart)

2 Inflammatory gene polymorphisms and ischaemic heart disease: review of population association studies

F Andreotti, I Porto, F Crea, A Maseri

February 2002;87:107–12. (Reviews)

3 Joint British recommendations on prevention of coronary heart disease in clinical practice

Dec 1998;80(suppl 2):1–29.

4 The “no-reflow” phenomenon: basic science and clinical correlates

T Reffelmann, RA Kloner

February 2002;87:162–8. (Education in Heart)

5 Timing of mitral valve surgery

M Enriquez-Sarano

January 2002;87:79–85. (Education in Heart)

6 Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy: a pathophysiological review of circulatory dysfunction in liver disease

S Moller, JH Henriksen

January 2002;87:9–15. (Reviews)

7 “Diastolic heart failure” or heart failure caused by subtle left ventricular systolic dysfunction?

MC Petrie, L Caruana, C Berry, JJV McMurray

January 2002;87:29–31. (Cardiovascular medicine)

8 Cardiac transplantation

MC Deng

February 2002;87:177–84. (Education in Heart)

9 Introducing a new role for BNP: as a general indicator of cardiac structural disease rather than a specific indicator of systolic dysfunction only

A D Struthers

February 2002;87:97–8. (Editorials)

10 Are angiotensin II receptor blockers indicated in chronic heart failure?

M Komajda

January 2002;87:1–2. (Editorials)

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