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These articles scored the most hits on Heart’s website during August 2003

1 Atrial fibrillation: classification, pathophysiology, mechanisms and drug treatment

V Markides, R J Schilling

August 2003;89:939–43. (Education in Heart)

2 Inflammatory and thrombotic mechanisms in coronary atherosclerosis

D Tousoulis, G Davies, C Stefanadis, P Toutouzas, J A Ambrose

September 2003;89:993–7. (Review)

3 Practical aspects of the management of pericardial disease

B Maisch, A D Ristic

September 2003;89:1096–103. (Education in Heart)

4 Development of the heart: (2) Septation of the atriums and ventricles

R H Anderson, S Webb, N A Brown, W Lamers, A Moorman

August 2003;89:949–58. (Education in Heart)

5 Development of the heart: (3) Formation of the ventricular outflow tracts, arterial valves, and intrapericardial arterial trunks

R H Anderson, S Webb, N A Brown, W Lamers, A Moorman

September 2003;89:1110–18. (Education in Heart)

6 Cardiac and vascular pathophysiology in hypertension

J Mayet, A Hughes

September 2003;89:1104–9. (Education in Heart)

7 Revascularisation for acute coronary syndromes: PCI or CABG?

J Gunn, D P Taggart

September 2003;89:967–70. (Editorial)

8 The elusive link between stenosis severity and prognosis in stable ischaemic heart disease

F Crea, G A Lanza

September 2003;89:961–2. (Editorial)

9 Development of the heart: (1) Formation of the cardiac chambers and arterial trunks

A Moorman, S Webb, N A Brown, W Lamers, R H Anderson

July 2003;89:806–14. (Education in Heart)

10 Embolic protection devices

G Sangiorgi, A Colombo

September 2003;89:990–2. (Mini-symposium)

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