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Three dimensional images with ECG gated multislice computed tomography revealed stenosis of the descending aorta in 2 month old baby
  1. N Funabashi,
  2. T Honda,
  3. M Terai
  1. nobusada{at}

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A 14 day old male infant diagnosed with aortic interruption syndrome underwent aortic arch repair surgery. On his 70th day of life, he did not take sufficient milk and showed tachypnoea with cyanosis. There was a pronounced difference in blood pressures between the upper and lower limbs. Angiography showed that the descending aorta had severe stenotic segment at the origin of left subclavian artery. To clarify the relation between the aorta and surrounding tissue, enhanced multislice computed tomography (CT) (Aquilion, Toshiba, Tokyo) was performed using the following protocol: 1 mm slice thickness, helical pitch 1.5, and 6 ml of Iomeprol 300 as the intravenous contrast material. CT scanning was performed with retrospective ECG gated reconstruction. After the acquisition, we extracted volume data from end systole and end diastole, and three dimensional images were reconstructed by volume rendering. In the left superior posterior views, the stenotic lesion was observed in the proximal portion of the descending aorta in both cardiac phases and there was no compression by surrounding tissue, including the pulmonary artery (PA). It was easy to determine the spatial relation between the PA and the descending aorta. The stenotic site was more clearly observed at end systole than at end diastole. These images clearly indicate that the stenosis was not the result of compression by other vessels or organs. Thus, after this examination, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty was performed with good results.

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