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An unusual tattoo
  1. M O’Neil,
  2. S W Dubrey,
  3. R Grocott-Mason
  1. simon.dubrey{at}

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This picture shows the chest of a 51 year old man recently admitted to a district general hospital where a diagnosis of myocardial infarction was made. The patient received thrombolysis in the form of streptokinase and subsequently underwent angioplasty and stenting of his right coronary artery. He was informed that the use of streptokinase should not be repeated. Concerned that he would forget to convey this information with any subsequent event he elected to have this tattoo inscribed on his chest. An allergy to some metals had prevented him for opting for a medical alert type of warning bracelet or necklace. This case illustrates that some patients will go to extreme lengths to follow the advice given by their doctors.