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Vasovagal Syncope Interrupting Sleep?

C T P Krediet, D L Jardine, P Cortelli, A G R Visman, W Wieling

Clinical data are reported for 13 patients who were referred with recurrent loss of consciousness at night interrupting their sleep. Most of the patients were women (10 of 13) with a mean age of 45 years (range 21–72 years). The histories were more consistent with vasovagal syncope than with epilepsy. This was supported by electroencephalographic and tilt test results. More polysomnographic monitoring data are required to confirm the diagnosis of vasovagal syncope interrupting sleep. This will be difficult because, although the condition may not be rare, the episodes are usually sporadic.

(Heart 2004;90:e25)

Acute myocardial infarction caused by thrombotic occlusion at a stent site two years after conventional stent implantation

T Hayashi, A Kimura, K Ishikawa

Two cases of acute myocardial infarction caused by thrombotic occlusion at the conventional stented site two years after stenting are described. Late thrombotic stent occlusion may be caused by atherosclerotic regression, sustained inflammatory reaction, and inhibition of proliferation of neointima. Cardiologists must be aware of the potential for late thrombosis following even conventional stent implantation.

(Heart 2004;90:e26)

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