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These articles scored the most hits on Heart’s website during June 2004

1 Management of acute coronary syndromes: an update


June 2004;90:698–706. (Education in Heart)

2 B type natriuretic peptide testing: where are we now?

MR Cowie

July 2004;90:725–6. (Editorial)

3 British Cardiac Society Working Group on the definition of myocardial infarction

KAA Fox, J Birkhead, R Wilcox, C Knight, J Barth

June 2004;90:603–9.

4 Management and follow up of prosthetic heart valves

C Seiler

July 2004;90:818–24. (Education in Heart)

5 Anatomy of coronary disease in diabetic patients: an explanation for poorer outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention and potential target for intervention

KP Morgan, A Kapur, KJ Beatt

July 2004;90:732–8. (Review)

6 Role of oral anticoagulation in management of atrial fibrillation

E Crystal, SJ Connolly

July 2004;90:813–7. (Education in Heart)

7 Diagnostic criteria and problems in infective endocarditis

BD Prendergast

June 2004;90:611–13. (Mini-symposium)

8 Anticoagulation in the young

P Monagle

July 2004;90:808–12. (Education in Heart)

9 Risk stratification in acute coronary syndrome: focus on unstable angina/non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction

R Bugiardini

July 2004;90:729–31. (Editorial)

10 Echocardiography in infective endocarditis

A Evangelista, MT Gonzalez-Alujas

June 2004;90:614–7. (Mini-symposium)

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