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Acupuncture for chest pain
  1. W Kim,
  2. M H Jeong,
  3. Y K Ahn

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A 72 year old woman presented with a five year history of anterior chest pain. She had a medical history of hypertension, osteoarthritis, and tension headache. Her chest pain was substernal in location, manifested as a burning sensation, and was aggravated by exercise. Her ECG showed T wave inversion in leads II, III, aVF, and V4–V6. A right coronary angiogram revealed diffuse wall irregularities over the middle right coronary artery; incidentally, numerous metallic shadows of acupuncture in the chest wall were also observed. She had been treated many times with acupuncture for her chest pain, reflecting the fact that many Asian elderly people depend on treatment with acupuncture needles for pain control.

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