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Apical myocardial injury caused by collateralisation of a septal artery during ethanol septal ablation

S C Agarwal, I F Purcell, S S Furniss

In patients who are refractory to medical treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, surgical myomectomy or percutaneous transluminal alcohol septal myocardial ablation (PTSMA) is appropriate, with both the procedures having comparable results. In PTSMA ethanol is selectively injected into septal arteries supplying the hypertrophied septal myocardium. The authors describe a case of apical myocardial injury caused by passage of ethanol into the distal left anterior descending artery through a septal collateral that developed after double bolus injection of ethanol. They advocate single bolus injection of alcohol to avoid this complication.

(Heart 2005;91:e2)

Moderate mitral stenosis in pregnancy: the haemodynamic impact of diuresis

A Siva, A M Shah

A case of asymptomatic, newly diagnosed, moderate mitral stenosis in a 27 year old pregnant woman is described. A conservative management strategy with regular cardiac assessment was adopted and the patient remained well. Routine transthoracic echocardiography at 36 weeks’ gestation showed the development of severe pulmonary hypertension with right ventricular pressure overload, which was successfully treated with oral diuretics resulting in rapid normalisation of pulmonary pressure. Mitral stenosis in pregnancy and its management in pregnancy are briefly discussed.

(Heart 2005;91:e3)

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