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Right atrial mass: primary angiosarcoma
  1. S C Burjonroppa,
  2. M J Reardon,
  3. J Swafford

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A 41 year old man presented with history of shortness of breath and swelling of feet, and was diagnosed with angiosarcoma of the right atrium by biopsy. Subsequently he had complications including pericardial tamponade for which he was treated with a pericardial window and pleural effusions treated with thoracocentesis and pleurodesis. He was referred to our institution for further treatment. The patient received chemotherapy with epirubicin and imatinib mesylate initially, and was subsequently treated with gemcitabine and docetaxel.

A transoesophageal echocardiogram (panel A) was performed and showed extensive involvement of the right atrium with the tumour. The patient underwent an excision of the mass lesion with reconstruction of the right atrium with bovine pericardium. The gross pathology specimen of the angiosarcoma is shown in panel B.

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