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These articles scored the most hits on Heart’s website during July 2005

1 Primary percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarction: time, time, and time!

PG Steg, J-M Juliard

August 2005;91:993–4. (Editorial)

2 The ECG in acute coronary syndromes: new tricks from an old dog

HS Gurm, EJ Topol

July 2005;91:851–3. (Editorial)

3 Helicobacter pylori and atrial fibrillation: a possible pathogenic link

AS Montenero, N Mollichelli, F Zumbo, A Antonelli, A Dolci, M Barberis, C Sirolla, T Staine, L Fiocca, N Bruno, S O’Connor

July 2005;91:960–1. (Scientific letter)

4 Systematic review of multidisciplinary interventions in heart failure

R Holland, J Battersby, I Harvey, E Lenaghan, J Smith, L Hay

July 2005;91:899–906. (Cardiovascular medicine)

5 Definition of acute coronary syndrome

IN Findlay, AD Cunningham

July 2005;91:857–9. (Viewpoint)

6 N-acetylcysteine for prevention of radiocontrast induced nephrotoxicity: the importance of dose and route of administration

S J Shalansky, G E Pate, A Levin, J G Webb

August 2005;91:997–9. (Editorial)

7 Coronary angiography in the angioplasty era: projections with a meaning

C Di Mario, N Sutaria

July 2005;91:968–76. (Education in Heart)

8 Cardiac imaging in coronary artery disease: differing modalities

JD Schuijf, LJ Shaw, W Wijns, HJ Lamb, D Poldermans, A de Roos, EE van der Wall, JJ Bax

August 2005;91:1110–17. (Education in Heart)

9 Instructive ECG series in massive bilateral pulmonary embolism

ASH Cheng, A Money-Kyrle

March 2005;91:860–2. (Featured case report)

10 Assessment of diastolic function: what the general cardiologist needs to know

PM Mottram, TH Marwick

May 2005;91:681–95. (Education in Heart)

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