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We are pleased to announce a new venture for Heart, the “Heart Review”. We are going to commission a series of review articles from recognised authorities in their respective fields, mainly utilising the considerable expertise of our editorial board members. Whereas editorials are generally linked to articles published in the journal and the education series provides a learning template from more established wisdom, linked to the cardiology curriculum for trainees, this new series will bridge the gap between the two. The reviews are designed to give the reader an authoritative assessment of a contemporary subject area with focused, up to date references and will be published online first. We will still accept other reviews of outstanding quality, as before, but hope that this innovation will provide the reader with valuable insights into a wide variety of topical subjects. As ever, we are keen to receive feedback on this or any other aspect of the journal.

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      Video 1: Please note arterial buckling, tortuosity, and elongation of the ascending aorta and supra-aortic vessels.
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      Video 2: Pulmonary angiography: on the left, note elongation of the pulmonary arterial tree; on the right, right pulmonary angiogram.

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