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These articles scored the most hits on Heart’s website during December 2005

1 JBS 2: Joint British Societies’ guidelines on prevention of cardiovascular disease in clinical practice

December 2005;91(suppl V):1–52. (Supplement)

2 The normal ECG in childhood and adolescence

DF Dickinson

December 2005;91:1626–30. (Education in Heart)

3 Dark chocolate improves endothelial and platelet function

F Hermann, LE Spieker, F Ruschitzka, I Sudano, M Hermann, C Binggeli, TF Lüscher, W Riesen, G Noll, R Corti

January 2006;92:119–20. (Scientific letter)

4 Should primary angioplasty be available for all patients with an ST elevation myocardial infarction?

A de Belder

December 2005;91:1509–11. (Editorial)

5 Origin of symptoms in chronic heart failure

AL Clark

January 2006;92:12–16. (Heart review)

6 Management of infective endocarditis

G Habib

January 2006;92:124–30. (Education in Heart)

7 Aortic stenosis: medical and surgical management

H Baumgartner

November 2005;91:1483–8. (Education in Heart)

8 Five year outcome after primary coronary intervention for acute ST elevation myocardial infarction: results from a single centre experience

G Parodi, G Memisha, R Valenti, M Trapani, A Migliorini, G M Santoro, D Antoniucci

December 2005;91:1541–4. (Cardiovascular medicine)

9 Percutaneous coronary intervention: recommendations for good practice and training

December 2005;91(suppl VI):1–27 (Supplement)

10 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease: the road to cardioprotection

P Monteiro, L Gonçalves, LA Providência

December 2005;91:1621–5. (Education in Heart)

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