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The authors’ reply:
  1. Adrian V Hernandez,
  2. Cynthia M Westerhout,
  3. Ewout W Steyerberg,
  4. John P A Ioannidis,
  5. Hector Bueno,
  6. Harvey White,
  7. Pierre Theroux,
  8. David J Moliterno,
  9. Paul W Armstrong,
  10. Robert M Califf,
  11. Lars C Wallentin,
  12. Maarten L Simoons,
  13. Eric Boersma
  1. Department of Quantitative Health Sciences/Wb4, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA
  1. Dr A V Hernandez, Department of Quantitative Health Sciences/Wb4, Cleveland Clinic, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44195, USA; hernana1{at}

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We thank Drs Kalyanasundaram, Kastrati and Berger for their interesting comments about our article.

Patients included in our subgroup meta-analysis were not routinely scheduled for an early coronary revascularisation, so our results are not directly comparable with the ISAR trials. Patients did not receive clopidogrel as background medication at the time of admission, but almost all received dual antiplatelet treatment at the time of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). We agree that clopidogrel is recommended in patients with non-ST segment elevation ACS (NSTEACS) whether or not an invasive approach …

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