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Inherited cardiovascular conditions: the challenges of genomic medicine
  1. H Burton,
  2. C Alberg,
  3. A Hall,
  4. G S Sagoo,
  5. A Stewart
  6. on behalf of the working group on Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions Services
  1. PHG Foundation, Cambridge, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Hilary Burton, PHG Foundation, 2 Worts Causeway, Cambridge CB1 8RN, UK; hilary.burton{at}


The report Heart to Heart published in 2009 by the Foundation for Genomics and Population Health provided an account of new health services needs arising from greater scientific and clinical understanding of inherited cardiovascular conditions. Informed by advice from an expert working group, the report makes recommendations for the development of specialised inherited cardiovascular conditions services within the UK. The report will also be of relevance internationally, wherever cardiologists and geneticists aim to provide care for these patients and their families.

  • Inherited cardiovascular disease
  • sudden cardiac death
  • health service and policy review
  • genetics
  • public health

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