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Clinical and research medicine: Cardiovascular clinical pharmaceutical research
e0359 A cardiac sodium channel SCN5A subunit gene polymorphism and early repolarisation variant
  1. Ying Gao,
  2. Ping Zhang,
  3. Ying Tian,
  4. Jihong Guo
  1. Beijing University People's Hospital


Objectives To investigate the effect of the PolymorPhism of cardiac sodium channel subunit α (SCN5A) gene on early repolarisation variant (ERV).

Methods Using PCR direct sequencing technology, two single nucleotide PolymorPhisms (SNP) of SCN5A gene, 1673 A>G and 3666 +69 G>C 84, was analysed by detecting genetic variation genotyPe and allele frequency distribution in 54 early repolarisation variant and 30 healthy subjects from the Beijing MuniciPal PeoPle's HosPital of Peking University and the Sixth HosPital of Beijing.

Results In the 1673 A>G locus, there is no significant difference in genetic mutation as well as allele frequency distribution between variant and healthy grouP. In 3666 +69 G>C locus, both of genetic variation genotyPe and allele frequency distribution in variant grouP are significantly different from control grouP (p<0.05). In variant grouP, there is no statistical difference in sex, syncoPe and the J-wave elevation range.

Conclusion 3666 +69 G gene PolymorPhism (G→C) may be associated with early repolarisation variant.

  • Early repolarisation variant, PolymorPhism
  • 1673 A>G
  • 3666+69G>C

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