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Clinical and research medicine: Coronary heart disease
e0373 Intravascular ultrasound study on angiographic contrast materiel drain-lagged coronary segments
  1. Cheng Xunming,
  2. He Guoxiang,
  3. Tong Shifei,
  4. Ran Boli,
  5. Liu Jianping
  1. Dept. of Cardiology, Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University & Chongqing Institute of Interventional Cardiology, Chongqing, China


Introduction To investigate the structural characteristics and its clinical significant of angiographic contrast materiel drain-lagged coronary segments.

Materials and methods 23 segments coronary arteries in 20 patients with angiographic contrast materiel drain-lagged were performed by intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging. The characteristics of the plaques and reference segments were analysed. Percent area stenosis and remodelling index were calculated.

Results External elastic membrane cross-sectional area in angiographic contrast materiel drain-lagged segments greater than reference segments (17.04±3.86 mm2 vs 14.35±3.62 mm2, p<0.01). Lesions had greater lumen area compared with reference (13.72±2.38 mm2 vs 11.86±2.57 mm2, p<0.01). Lesions had a soft plaque and minor stenosis (percent area stenosis 19.48%±5.23%) and positive remodelling was more frequent (20/23, 87%) in lesions.

Conclusion Posimentive remodelling and minor atherosclerosis plaque in coronary segments are the causes of angiographic contrast materiel drain-lagged. This lesion has structural characteristics of unstable plaque.

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