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Clinical and research medicine: Coronary heart disease
e0384 The analysis of clinical and coronary angiographic characteristics for pre-menopausal women with coronary heart disease
  1. Ting Wang,
  2. Peiling Cong,
  3. Xiaofei Sun
  1. Affiliated First People's Hospital of Jining of Shandong, Academy of Medical Sciences, China


Objective To analyse the clinical and coronary angiographic characteristics for pre-menopausal women with coronary heart disease in Jining City, Shandong Province.

Methods 85 female patients with pre-menopausal coronary angiography (CAG) were chosen in Jining First People's Hospital from May 1, 2001 to May 30, 2010. The patients were divided into Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)group and non-CHD group according to coronary angiography. According to ≥50% stenosis of coronary artery, the patients were divided into three groups: single vessel disease, double vessel disease and triple vessel disease. Risk factors for CHD and angiographic characteristics were analysed. WHO diagnostic criteria was used in the diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes.

Result 31 patients were diagnosed with coronary heart disease, 54 patients diagnosed with normal coronary artery. Comparison of risk factors between the two groups: patients with hypertension were 49.4% vs 31.0%, with diabetes were 14.3% vs 3.1%, hyperlipidaemia was 53.6% vs 25.1%, coronary heart disease risk factor's family history 37.8% vs 12.6%. Results were above target and there was a significant difference between the groups. The family history of coronary heart disease 27% vs 19.1% showed no difference between the two groups. Typical angina symptoms more common in CHD group, mainly those with acute coronary syndrome. Single-vessel disease, coronary artery disease are more common, with an occurrence rate of 70.97% (22/31), two vessel disease 19.35% (6/31), three vessel disease 0.97% (3 /31). Anterior descending artery involvement is most likely occurring at a rate of 96.77% (30/31), lesion calcification was much lower in rate of occurrence due to the narrowing of the main limitations.

Conclusion Hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and family history of coronary heart disease are risk factors. These risk factors are not as significant a risk factor in pre-menopausal women with coronary heart disease. Coronary artery disease occurs mainly in single-vessel diseased. With the appearance of typical clinical symptoms of angina and multiple risk factors, especially a family history of pre-menopausal female patients, the possibility of major coronary heart disease is larger. For a clear diagnosis, CAG should be performed as soon as possible, in order to avoid misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. For some patients Target lesion revascularization is necessary.

  • Coronary angiography (CAG)

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