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Clinical and research medicine: Coronary heart disease
e0395 Correlation between serum levels of Cathepsin S and severity of atherosclerostic lesions of coronary arteries in Chinese
  1. Liu Yu-sheng,
  2. Hao Lin,
  3. Jiang Wei-dong,
  4. Lu Qing-hua,
  5. Wang Yong- Mei
  1. Department of Cardiology, The Second Hospital of Shandong University, Jinan


Objective Previous studies have showed that cathepsin S(CatS) is upregulated in atherosclerosis lesions in humans. We try to deplore the association between serum levels of CatS and its inhibitor cystatin C(CysC) and the severity of atherosclerostic lesions of coronary arteries in Chinese.

Methods and results 107 coronary atherosclerositic diseases (CAD)and 48 controls were recruited and all subjects consisting were verified by selective angiography, the the severity of lesions of coronary arteries were assessed by Gensini scoring system. The fasting serum concentrations of CatS and CysC were measured before angiography respectively. The SPSS11.0 system was applied to analyse the data. Compared with controls, serum levels of cathepsin S in CAD groups increased significantly and demonstrated positive correlation (r=0.69, p=0.0001)with Gensini score. After being corrected for other common factors (age, sex, blood pressure and blood lipid, etc) by multivariate stepwise regression analysis, this relationship also existed.

Conclusions Serum levels of cathepsin S are associated with severity of athero sclerostic lesions of coronary arteries. The higher serum levels of cathepsin S are, the severer atherosclerostic lesions of coronary arteries are.

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