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Clinical and research medicine: Coronary heart disease
e0396 Clinical analysis of 30 individuals with micro CK type 1
  1. Zhi-Yuan Dong,
  2. Zhi-kai Wang,
  3. Ji-Yong Liu,
  4. Xiao-Bin Tang,
  5. Li-Mei Wang,
  6. Lian-Yi Shi,
  7. Yuan-Ying Liu,
  8. Xiu-Zhen Zhao
  1. Healthcare Center, The Central Hospital of CNPC, Langfang


Objective The aim of the prospective study was to investigate the clinical and laboratory features of individuals with micro creatine kinase type 1 (MCK-1), and to evaluate the clinical significance of these cases who expressed serum MCK-1.

Methods To screen MCK-1individuals from serum samples in our biochemistry laboratory from April 2002 to April 2010 according to both increasing CK-MB activity and CK-MB/CKratio over 25%, and finally confirmed by agarose gel electrophoresis of CK isoenzyme analysis. To analyse the clinical and laboratory data of individuals who expressed serum MCK-1 isoenzyme.

Results MCK-1 was detected in the samples from 30 subjects. Their mean age at the initial presentation was 58.6 years (range 26 to 81), 63.3% were female (n=19), and 39.3% (n=11) had hypertension.of the 30 subjects, 10 (33.3%) had increased total CK activity, and 7 (23.3%) showed the abnormal phenomenon that CK-MB:CK ratio was >1. Our study indicated that the misdiagnostic rate was 40.0 % (n=12), and the rate of missed diagnosis was 46.7% (n=14). There were 3 deaths during the follow-up period.

Conclusion MCK-1 was not rare in clinical practice. Among the conditions in which CK-MB activity is elevated in the absence of myocardial injury or infarction using immunoinhibition methods, MCK-1 merits special attention from clinicians. CK-MB index is a simple and rapid screening test for MCK-I.

  • Macro CK type 1
  • creatine kinase isoenzymes
  • hypertension

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