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Clinical and research medicine: Interventional cardiology
e0509 Effency of triptolide-coated stent on prevent restenosis
  1. Ge Hailong,
  2. Zhou Yujie,
  3. Ma Hanying,
  4. Liu Xiaoli,
  5. Wang Zhijian,
  6. Yang Shiwei,
  7. Nie Bin,
  8. Jia Dean
  1. Department of Cardiology, Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, China


Objective The aim of this study is to test the efficacy and safety of triptolide-coated stent on anti-inflammatory and inhibiting intimal hyperplasia compared with that of a drug eluting stent and a bare metal stent in a pig after angioplasty.

Methods 15 triptolide-coated stents (TCS), 12 drug eluting stent (Cypher select) and 12 bare metal stents (BMS) were deployed with oversizing (stent/artery ratio 1.1:1) in a porcine coronary arteries. Coronary angiography, histopathologic and inflammatory markers levels were carried out and analysed at week 4 after stenting.

Results The distribution of stented vessels, diameter of reference vessels, and post-procedural minimal lumen diameter were compared in each group. At week 4 follow-up, quantify coranary angiography (QCA) showed that the minimal lumen diameter were greater, and percent stenosis and late lumen loss in the triptolide-coated stent group and DES group were less than that of the bare metal stents group. In the histopathologic analysis, compared to BMS group, the injury score, inflammation score in TCS group and DES group were decreased, p<0.05, and there were significant reduced neointimal area and enlarged Lumen area in TCS, DES group as well.

Conclusion Triptolide-coated stent showed the similar effect of preventing restenosis through inhibition of neointimal hyperplasia as DES and anti-inflammation acts after coronary angioplasty in pigs.

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