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Clinical and research medicine: Thrombosis
e0579 Novel Coagulation regime method for CTO prior to PCI
  1. Michael CL Lim
  1. Singapore Medical Specialists Centre


Objective The aim of this study is to demonstrate that coagulation regime for patients with CTOs enable successful PCI.

Methods During the period of 2009-2010, a total of six patients had undergone CT Coronary Angiogram and were found to have long CTO (more than 3 cm) in a single vessel. These patients had undergone prior PCI for the CTOs which were unsuccessful; the CTO could not be crossed. The patients were prescribed Warfarin for 6 months to a year. Their INRs were titrated to 1.5–2.0.

Results All six patients underwent successful PCI performed by a competent operator with more than 30 years experience and had performed more than 1000 PCI cases. There was no MACE or complications encountered with the complex CTO lesions.

Conclusions This pilot study illustrates the safety and feasibility of giving anticoagulation prior to PCI for complex CTO lesions.

  • CTO
  • PCI
  • Anticoagulation

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