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Clinical and research medicine: Hypertension
e0589 Effects of initial therapy for hypertension with combination therapy regimen and impact on renal function
  1. Haiqiang Sang1,
  2. Ming Sun2,
  3. Hongyan Zhou2
  1. 1Zhengzhou People's Hospital
  2. 2Xiangya Hospital of Central South University


Objective To evaluate the effects and side effects of initial therapy for hypertension with a combination of Iow-dose amlodipine plus amiroride or low-dose amlodipine plus telmisartan regimen.

Method A total of 302 hypertensive patients were included. Inclusion criteria were: essential hypertension, 50–79 years of age with at least one cardiovascular risk factor and signed consent forms. Patients were randomly assigned to receive low-dose amlodipine plus amiroride (group A) or low-dose amlodipine plus telmisartan (group B). Blood pressures, side effects, metabolic parameters and renal function indexes were observed during 1-year following-up. All patients will be followed-up for 1 year.

Results After 1-year treatment, mean blood pressure in group A and B were reduced to (128.1±10.3)/(76.6±8.0) mm Hg and (131.5±12.3)/(77.3±9.2) mm Hg from (157.1±12.0)/(91.1±9.4) mm Hg and (156.4±13.6)/(91.2±9.5) mm Hg (p<0.05), respectively. Blood pressure control rates reached 87.1% in group A and 76.5% in group B (p=0.024) the serum uric acid level significantly elevated from (310.59±76.32) μmol/l to (353.71±76.77) μmmol/l (p=0.000) after treatment in group B. The serum creatinine level decreased from (85.15±21.25) μmmol/l to (82.70±20.21)μmmol/l (p=0.001) after treatment in group B.

Conclusion Initial low-dose andodipine-based antihypertensive combination regimens could significantly decrease blood pressure level and achieve satisfactory blood pressure control rate with few side effects. Compatibility of telmisartan may provide renal protection independent of BP lowering in combination regimen. The two combination schemes could markedly improve quality of life in patients with hypertension.

  • Hypertension
  • combination therapy
  • renal protection

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