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Clinical and research medicine: Hypertension
e0595 AngiotensinII modulates ion pumps of smooth muscle cells derived from umbilical artery of human neonates with hypertensive family history
  1. Qian-Hui SHANG1,
  2. Yu FANG1,
  3. Qian-feng JIANG1,
  4. Jin-Wei LIU2
  1. 1Institute of Clinical Medine of Zunyi Medical College, Department of Cardiology, Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College, Zunyi, Guizhou, Chin
  2. 2Key Laboratory of Cell Engineering of Guizhou Province, Zunyi, Guizhou, China


Objective To investigate sodium pump and calcium pump activities and mRNA expression level and the changes after AngiotensinII (AngII) treatment in human umbilical artery smooth muscle cells (HUASMCs) isolated from neonates with positive hypertensive family history (FH+) or with negative hypertensive family history (FH-).

Methods Ion pump activities in cultured HUASMCs were detected by spectrophotography. The mRNA expression of sodium pump α1-subunit and plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase isoform 1 (PMCA1) in FH+ and FH- HUASMCs was measured by RT-PCR.

Results Sodium pump, calcium pump activities in FH+ HUASMCs were higher than those in FH- group (p<0.05), but the mRNA expression of sodium pump α1subunit and PMCA1 showed no difference between two groups. In FH- group, after 24-h treatment, AngII (1×10−7 mol/L) elevated the activities of sodium pump (4.62±0.26 vs 3.52±0.33) and calcium pump (4.00±0.31 vs 3.01±0.32), and up-regulated sodium pump α1-subunit mRNA expression (0.946±0.099 vs 0.697±0.050, n=5, p<0.01), however higher concentration AngII (1×10−6 mol/L) suppressed the activities of sodium (2.47±0.27) and calcium pump (1.79±0.27), and down-regulated sodium pump mRNA expression (0.445±0.065). Whereas, in FH+ groups, both concentration (10−6 and 10−7 mol/l) of AngII suppressed the activities of sodium pump (3.49±0.34, 2.21±0.23 vs 4.70±0.44) and calcium pump (2.85±0.31, 1.87±0.16 vs 4.27±0.48), but only AngII (10−7 mol/l) down-regulated their mRNA expression (α1-subunit: 0.515±0.133 vs 0.885±0.097, PMCA1: 0.165±0.049 vs 0.397±0.046, n=5, p<0.01).

Conclusions The activity of sodium pump and calcium pump is increased in FH+ HUASMCs. AngII inhibits both Na+ and Ca2+ ion pumps activities and mRNA expression in FH+ HUASMCs, and may have biphasic effects on ion pump activities and mRNA expression in FH- hUASMCs.

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