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Clinical and research medicine: Heart failure and left ventricular function
e0613 Plasma microRNA-361-5p as a biomarker of chronic heart failure
  1. Chen Chen,
  2. Yang Shenglan,
  3. Wang Feng,
  4. Long Guangwen,
  5. Yang Xu,
  6. Chen Fuqiong,
  7. Wang Dao Wen
  1. Tongji


Aims Recent studies have showed important roles for microRNAs in multiple cardiovascular diseases, including AMI, hypertension, HF, and so on. However, the signature of plasma miRNA expression in chronic heart failure has not been well understood.

Methods Here we used array analysis of miRNA production in plasma of heart failure patients (n=10) and normal control people (n=10) to identify the heart failure-specific miRNAs. And the results were confirmed by miRNA real-time PCR assay. Then, we assessed the plasma concentrations of miRNA in 20 individuals with acute coronary syndromes using a miRNA real-time PCR method that use U6 as an internal reference.

Results The miRNA microarray analysis of human plasma from heart failure patients and normal control people indicated that plasma miR−361-5p concentrations were decreased significantly in all individuals with heart failure. However, in contrast with the expression in heart failure, plasma miR-361-5p concentrations were markedly increased in all individuals with AMI.

Conclusions Our data demonstrated that the plasma concentrations of miR-361-5p were obviously various in heart failure patients, AMI patients and normal control people. Thus, plasma miR-361-5p may reveal a new biomarker for chronic heart failure.

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