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e0706 Evaluation of intraventricular flow in DCM patients using vector flow mapping
  1. Zhou Xiao,
  2. Zhi Guang,
  3. Xu Yong,
  4. Wang Jing,
  5. Tong Kai,
  6. Zhao Bei
  1. Pla General Hospital


Aims To assess the change of intraventricular flow due to DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) using VFM (Vector Flow Mapping).

Methods DCM patients and healthy candidates were included into two groups. 3C and 5C images were stored using VFM. Vector velocity of intraventricular flow was measured at the different planes and compared among groups.

Results Six DCM patients and 11 candidates were included. The vector velocity measured at LV outflow tract is lower in DCM group; a flow in direction of LV apex was found in the middle and apical planes of DCM patients while not in healthy candidates; the vector velocity of isovolumic contraction measured at basal plane is found to be higher in healthy group, but lower in the same group at middle and apical planes.

Conclusions In DCM patients, the vector velocity of LVOT is lower, which is accompanied by an abnormal flow distribution in middle and apical parts of left ventricle in both systole and isovolumic contraction. VFM can be used to evaluate the change of the intraventricular blood flow.

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