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Epidemiology and preventive medicine: Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
e0259 Control status of cholesterol outpatients with heart artery disease in China
  1. Zhang Huiying,
  2. Wang Jiansong,
  3. Guo Lai-Jing,
  4. Xing Liying
  1. Chronic Disease Institute, Beijing University Shougang Hospital


Objectives To evaluate the current control status of cholesterol among outpatients with heart artery disease in China.

Methods Sixty-four hospitals across China, including 32 secondary hospitals and 32 tertiary hospitals were selected for baseline survey. Fifty outpatients diagnosed heart artery disease were recruited consecutively in each participated hospital. Information for 1806 patients was collected, and control status of cholesterol among the patients was analysed.

Results (1) Mean age of the patients was 65.10. Seventy point five percent of the patients were male and 29.5% were female. (2) Overall 26.2% attained the cholesterol goal in the 1806 patients of heart artery disease, the goal attainment rate of cholesterol among male (30.5%) patients was higher than that among female (15.8%) patients. (3) The goal attainment rate of cholesterol was highest in middle China (39.7%) and lowest in northeast area (14.9%) among 7 geographic district (north China, east China, south China, middle China, northeast, northwest, southeast) (p<0.01).

Conclusions Only 26.2 heart artery disease patients attained the cholesterol goal, the rate varied significantly among sex, different areas and different degree hospitals. It was essential to pay more atttention on control of cholesterol for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  • Heart artery disease
  • cholesterol
  • goal attainment rate

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