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Epidemiology and preventive medicine: Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
e0286 Analysis of aetiology and metabolic disorders of in-patients of 628 refractory hypertension
  1. Wang Lei,
  2. Li Nanfang,
  3. Zu Feiya,
  4. Wang Xinlin,
  5. Zhou Keming,
  6. Zhang Delian,
  7. Chang Guijuan,
  8. Zhang Yanmin,
  9. Nuer Guli,
  10. Zhou Keming,
  11. Wang Menghui
  1. Hypertension Unit of The People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, The Institute of Hypertension of Xinjiang, The Center of Hypertension of The People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region


Introduction Patients with refractory hypertension (RH) were diagnosed by aetiology and treated correctly, which was helpful to control blood pressure and decrease case fatality.

Method Retrospective study was performed based on aetiology and metabolic disorders of 628 in-patients with RH in Department of Hypertension, People's Hospital of Xinjiang, from Sep 1997 to Dec 2005 (361 male and 267 female, average age 55.93±13.06 years).

Results (1) 80.10% of 628 in-patients with RH were essential hypertension, 18.95% of ódcondary hypeòõdnsion (SH) and 0.95% of indefinite diagnosis. (2) 119 SH comprised 33.61% of renovascular hypertension, 15.97% of renal hypertension, 23.53 % of OSAS, 13.45% of primary aldosteronism, 5.04% of pheochromocytoma. Fewer prevalence of SH were aortic stenosis (1.68%), Cushing syndrome (2.52%), hyperthyroidism (0.84%), and hypothyroidism (3.36%). (3) There were 66.24% of dyslipidemia, 43.78% of abnormality of glucose. Highest prevalence of dyslipidemia was hypertriglyceridemia (41.8%). Diabetes and IGT were 28.6%, 15.19%, respectively. (4) The number of overweight and obesity with hypertriglyceridemia and diabetes were significantly higher than those of normal weight.

Conclusion SH should be filtrated in RH. Most RH complicated with Metabolic Disorders, it play an important role on therapy of RH to rectify Metabolic Disorders.

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