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Cardiovascular clinical pharmaceutical research
Analysis GMP-140, TAT of r-SAK and urokinase as thrombolytics in treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction
  1. Guo-tao Wang
  1. Department of Cardiology, The Fourth Hospital of Daqing, Daqing, China


Objective To analysis the GMP-140, TAT of intravenous thrombolytic therapy using recombinant staphylokinase (r-SAK)and urokinase in acute myocardial infarction (AM I).

Methods 68 patients with AM I were randomised to receive either r-SAK or urokinase. Group A (35 cases) accepted staphylokinase was administered as intravenous bolus injections of 10 mg 30 min apart; Group B (33 cases) accepted urokinase was administered as 1.5 million units intravenous dropping within 30 min; Determination of A, B groups before thrombolytic therapy, thrombolysis, after 2 h, 24 h, 48 h in plasma platelet α-granule membrane protein (GMP-140), thrombin–antithrombin complex (TAT) levels and other related indicators.

Results A, B 2 h after treatment, the plasma GMP-140 were increased, B group of GMP-140 in plasma was significantly increased. A group 2 h after treatment, TAT concentration in plasma was not significant, B group 2 h after treatment, the plasma concentration of TAT increased significantly.

Conclusion r-SAK superior efficacy of thrombolysis with urokinase, r-SAK has a stronger selective thrombosis, procoagulant activity of weak, low incidence of bleeding complications, and promote platelet activation is low, reduce the prothrombotic state of myocardial injury can improve myocardial microperfusion.

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