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Arrhythmias and interventional therapy
The value of plasma NT-proBNP levels inpredicting the effect of drug conversion for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
  1. Chen Lei,
  2. Liu Xincan,
  3. Sun Tianfu,
  4. Han Jinghui
  1. The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Tcm


Objective To investigate the value of plasma NT-proBNP levels in predicting the effect of drug conversion for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

Method The 132 patients with non-valvular paroxysmalatrial fibrillation were treated by oral loading – dose of propafenon (450–600 ng/l) within 1 h after admission. The plasma NT-proBNP concentrations were measured before and after conversion therapy.

Result Atrial fibrillation was converted to sinus rhythm in 83 patients (62.87%) after oral loading-dose of propafenone. The plasma NT-proBNP levels before drug conversion in patients with successful conversion were lower than that in patients with non-successful conversion (419.53±43.83) ng/l vs (458.11. 76±66.09) ng/l, p<0.01; and it decreased significantly after successful drug conversion (189.61±37.38) ng/l vs (419.53±43.83) ng/l, p<0.01. There was no significant difference of plasma NT-proBNP concentration before and after propefenone treatment (458.11. 76±66.09) ng/l vs (444.76±67.28) ng/l (p>0.05) in patients not converted to sinus rhythm. Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (ROC curve) analysis was used to determine the optimal cut-off (432.25 ng/l) of this assay for identifying individuals who converted to sinus rhythm from those did not.

Conclusion Atrial fibrillation is a significant factor influencing the secretion of BNP in patients with non-valvular heart disease and plasma NT-proBNP levels can be used as a biomarker to predict the effect of drug conversion for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

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