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Cardiovascular disease basic research
Engineering heart tissue grafts improve electrical characteristics
  1. Zhang Ling1,
  2. Sun Juan2,
  3. Hou Yuemei1
  1. 1The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, Xinjiang, China
  2. 2Department of Neurology, Peoples Hospital of Xinjiang, Uygur, Autonomous Region, Urumqi, China


Objective To study electrical characteristics after engineering heart tissue (EHT)transplantation in myocardial infarction (MI) SD rat by a new technique of microelectrode arrays (MEA).

Methods Thirty SD rats of both sexes weighing 220∼250g were sacrificed under chlorine hydrate 0.3 ml/100 mg anaesthesia and were randomly divided into three groups: control group (n=10), MI group (n=10) and transplantation group (n=10). The hearts were quickly removed Langendorff-perfused with Tyrode's solution. We recorded field potential (FP) morphology, amplitude, activation-recovery interval (ARI) and activation-conduction duration at local myocardium with microelectrode arrays technique.

Results The MEA clearly recorded FP morphology. FP amplitude is (485±21.21) mV and ARI is (235±7.07) ms in control group. Compared with infarction zone, border zone of MI and opposite zone of MI, FP amplitude and ARI were significantly lower in transplantation group (p<0.05). activation-conduction duration is (6.5±2.12) ms in control group, (17.5±3.54) ms in MI group, and (9.13±1.31) ms in transplantation group. Compared with MI group, activation-conduction duration is significantly shorter in transplantation group (p<0.05).

Conclusion MEA is a sensitive, low noise, long-term, stable and local tissue action with a potential of multiple-channel recording and mapping system in small animal whole hearts. EHT transplantation can improve the function of MI rats.

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