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Cardiovascular disease basic research
Therapy with cardiac contractility modulation electrical signals improves left ventricular function in rabbits with heart failure
  1. Yuan Huabing,
  2. Qi Xiaoyong,
  3. Pengyungxin Hebei
  1. People's Hospital


Objectives This study examined the effects of short-term delivery of cardiac contractility modulation (CCM) electric signals on LV function in rabbits with HF.

Methods In one study, rabbits with the transverse ascending aorta constriction-induced HF were randomised to 12 h of active CCM therapy group or to heart failure (HF) group or to a sham-operated control group. left ventricular myocardium RyR2, CX43 was measured by fluorescent quantitation polymerase chain reaction.

Results In CCM treated rabbits, LVEF increased (50±4% vs 36±3%, p<0.0001) compared with HF group and decreased (50±4% vs 67±5%, p<0.001) compared with sham-operated control animals. The increase in EF seen with CCM-treated rabbits was accompanied by reduced LV volumes, improved left ventricular systolic pressure (LVSP) and +LVdP/dtmax. In CCM treated rabbits, the amount of RyR2, CX43 were increased compared with HF group and decreased compared with sham-operated control animals.

Conclusions In rabbits with HF, short-term CCM therapy improves LV systolic function, which is ascribed to the concomitant benefits of CCM therapy on increasing the amount of RyR2, CX43 and improving ventricular excitation-contraction coupling.

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