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  1. Xie Dong-yang,
  2. Zhang Gu-Lao
  1. Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College


    Objectives 1. Clinical Data: The Patient, female, 46 years old, complain cardiopalmus, chest distress, insomnia, earlyawakening, irritable depression, less interest, pessimistic suspicious 4 years, was diagnosised anxietious and depression, long-term was used of clonazepam, doxepine seem equal drugs, symptoms repeated about 1 year. With Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA) and Hamilton Anxiety Scale 17 (HAMA-17) for patients with psychological test score of HAMA for 23 (moderate anxiety); HAMA-17 to 18 points (mild depression), consider chronic urticaria with anxiety depression may be related. Giving Flupentixol and Melitracen Tablets one tablet every morning, and block up the clonazepam, doxepine seem equal drugs, 3 days later cardiopalmus, chest distress, insomnia, irritable, depression improved obviously, itchy skin symptoms also significantly reduce; after more than 1 week the symptoms almost disappear. With Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA) and Hamilton Anxiety Scale 17 (HAMA-17) for patients with psychological test HAMA for 13 points, HAMA-17 for 10 points, no synptoms.

    Methods 2. Discussion :The patients is a young women, the psychiatric diagnosis of anxiety depression, long-term taking of antianxiety drug and antidepressant drug have certain curative effect, but symptom repeatedly again and again. Because of the repeated itchy skin has a diagnosis of chronic urticaria, belongs to the body allergic disease, and allergy treatment have certain curative effect, symptom repeatedly again and again.

    Results Flupentixol and Melitracen Tablets can improve the central nervous synaptic space dopamine and single amine kind of neurotransmitter content, and adjusting plant nerve dysfunction of the effect, effective improve quickly anxiety depression symptom, eliminate the body unwell symptom, especially for all kinds of mental diseases caused by the body somatic symptoms (Somatisation) effect is remarkable.

    Conclusions After the patients trial to take Flupentixol and Melitracen Tablets, anxiety depression symptoms get the ease and soon itchy skin symptoms disappear very quickly, with chronic urticaria of skin, depression, and anxiety belonging to the body disease and mental disease, use the same kind of drug treat at the same time control two the symptoms of the disease, this means that the human body is an organic whole, the body disease and mental disease have some of the same pathogenesis and material base.

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