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Contemporary management of aortic stenosis: surgical aortic valve replacement remains the gold standard
  1. Thomas Walther,
  2. Johannes Blumenstein,
  3. Arnaud van Linden,
  4. Jörg Kempfert
  1. Department Cardiac Surgery, Kerckhoff Heartcenter, Kerckhoff Clinic, Bad Nauheim, Germany
  1. Correspondence to Dr Thomas Walther, Department Cardiac Surgery, Kerckhoff Heartcenter, Benekestrasse 2-8, Bad Nauheim 61231, Germany; t.walther{at}


Aortic valve disease is the most frequent acquired heart valve lesion in humans. In western communities, approximately 90% of patients present with aortic stenosis (AS), predominantly of a calcific degenerative aetiology. The remaining approximately 10% of patients predominantly present with aortic valve incompetence.

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