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ASSA13-05-3 Anomalous Left Main Coronary Artery Arising From The Right Sinus Of Valsalva
  1. Erdal Gursul,
  2. Hamza Duygu2,
  3. Rida Berilgen2,
  4. Özgen Safak2,
  5. Erkan Yılmaz3
  1. 1Izmir Buca Seyfi Demirsoy Goverment Hospital
  2. 2Izmir Ataturk State Hospital
  3. 3Izmir Dokuz Eylul University


Congenital anomalies of the coronary arteries are an uncommon but important cause of chest pain and sudden cardiac death. The incidence of coronary artery anomalies has been reported between 0.6 to 1.3% in angiography and 0.3% in autopsy. The anomalous origin of left and right coronary arteries from a single coronary ostium in the right sinus of Valsalva is extremely rare and accounts for a small fraction of these anomalies with reported prevalence of 0.017% to 0.03% according to angiographic studies. We report a case of 52-year-old woman, suffering from chest pain, with an anomalous common origin of all coronary arteries from the right sinus of Valsalva.

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