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ASSA13-14-19 The Expression of Small Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel Was Down-Regulation in Human Mesenteric Artery from Han Chinese Patients with Hypertension
  1. Mao Liang,
  2. Li Tao,
  3. Lan Huan,
  4. Huang Wen-jun,
  5. Zhou Rui,
  6. Li Peng-yun,
  7. Yang Yan,
  8. Zeng Xiao-rong
  1. Institute of Cardiovascular Research, Luzhou Medical College


Objectives Small conductance calcium-activated potassium channel (SKCa) is key factor in the regulation of endothelium-dependent vasodilatation. The aim of this study was to measure the expression levels of SK2 mRNA and protein in hypertension (HT) and normal arterial pressure (NT) patients.

Methods mRNA and Protein of mesentery artery was obtained from 8 NT and 8 HT patients. The expression of mRNA was detected using quantitative Real-time PCR, and the date was analysed with 2-ΔΔCT method. The artery protein extractions was detected using western blot with SK2 antibody. The statistical analysis was done using independent-samples T test by SPSS 17.0.

Results Average age of HT used in this research was 59.2500 ± 1.2256, while the age of NT was 56.6250 ± 8.7331. The expression level of SK2 mRNA in HT was reduced by 38.3%, compared with normal arterial pressure patients. The relative expression of SK2 protein in HT was 1.0387 ± 0.4535, while it was 1.7269 ± 0.5825 in NT, P < 0.05. The difference in these two groups achieved significant difference level. The expression of SK2 was significant down-regulation in both RNA and protein levels in essential hypertension patients.

Conclusions Expression levels of SK2 mRNA and protein were significant down-regulation in essential hypertension patients. It may be another important factor in regulating SKCa channel activity. That may led to the abnormal of vascular smooth muscle hyperpolarization and the occurrence of hypertension.

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