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GW24-e3939 Correlation Analysis Between Hyperuricemia and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Men
  1. Li-Yi,
  2. Guo Lai-jing,
  3. Liu Xiao-xue
  1. Check-Up Center, Beijing University Shougang Hospital, Beijing 100144 China


Objectives To understand the relationship between hyperuricemia and cardiovascular disease risk factors in men.

Methods 40 cases with hyperuricemia (HUA) screened out from a company on-the-job personnel healthy medical information, and 60 cases with normal serum uric acid levels (NUA) were randomly selected from the same healthy medical information. Two groups of cardiovascular risk factors were compared with. After an accurate clinical examination and a biochemical evaluation,the results were analysed.

Results Participants with hyperuricemia compared to those with normal serum uric acid levels had higher in SBP, DBP, TC, LDL- C and BMI (p < 0.05). Multiple regression analysis showed significant correlation of serum uric acid level and BMI, TC (p < 0.01 ).

Conclusions Serum uric acid concentration are significantly association with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, and increase risk of CVD.

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