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GW24-e1143 A Network platform for hypertension originated from innovation, applied to practice
  1. Zhu Fu,
  2. Xie Jun,
  3. Hu Jun
  1. Shanghai Xuhui Central Hospital 200031


Objectives To make a breakthrough in medical care, and establish "a network platform for hypertension", so as to explore its function in preventing and treating hypertension.

Methods To establish "a network platform for hypertension", website: http// The platform takes "hypertension expert system" as the core software, which has acquired national software intellectual property. The expert system covers the evaluation and diagnosis of hypertension, selection of treatment regimen and grading management specified in Chinese Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension 2010 Revised Edition. 2. The platform adopts B/S three level system, classifying presentation logic (user interface), service logic (service component) which achieves core service logic as the middle level and data management (database) of application into different levels. 3. The platform sets two interfaces, patient interface and doctor interface. 4. The platform includes six modules.

Results 1. The platform shortens the intervals of acquiring medical services, reduces financial burdens, resolves patients problems timely, and hypertension patient enjoys efficient and convenient medical services. It enhances the communications between doctor and patient, improves patient’s awareness and patient’s compliance remarkably. 2. The platform has 25 authorised doctors, and the system covers all the content specified in Chinese Guidelines for the Management of Hypertension 2010 Revised Edition. So it improves the professional levels of the doctors. Both residents and general doctors can reach the levels required for a hypertension doctor. 3. With help of the platform, all the patients are under standardisation management, which facilitates the doctors to have the access to medical information, such as diseases history, complication and severity of the disease. The doctors may grade the hypertension, and determine risk control levels based on risk ranking, thus provide treatment regimens. The management could be also enforced based on the treatment evaluation.

Conclusions The platform bridges the gaps between the doctor and patient. It makes a breakthrough in medical care, improves patients’ health awareness and compliance, and increases the control rate of hypertension, and elevates the medical levels of non-specialty doctors. It should be popularized and it will play an important role in preventing and treating hypertension in the coming future.

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