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GW24-e0979 Percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarction following blunt chest trauma: a case report and literature review
  1. Zuolin Fu,
  2. Hengchen Yao,
  3. Yuzeng Xue,
  4. Yibo Li
  1. Liao Cheng Hospital Shan Dong Province Liao Cheng ,China


Objectives Acute myocardial infarction following blunt chest trauma is a rare, life-threatening complication of blunt chest traumas, but there were no prospective randomised studies and reviews for the percutaneous coronary intervention for this.

To present a case of acute myocardial infarction following blunt trauma and to outline the percutaneous coronary intervention for this condition based on a literature review and to guide clinical practice.

Methods We report the case of a previously healthy 20-year-old man with acute myocardial infarction after a high speed motor vehicle collision. ECG demonstrated anterolateral ST-segment elevation. Angiography demonstrated coronary artery dissection and narrow lumen in the proximity of LAD, requiring placement of a stent.

By searching Medline (from 1990 to 2012) for the terms “myocardial infarction and blunt trauma”, “coronary and blunt trauma”, and “myocardial ischaemia and blunt trauma”.

Results 122 English articles on myocardial infarction resulting from blunt trauma were searched out and 44 cases were chosen for percutaneous coronary intervention and 39 cases were successful.

Conclusions A literature review reveals that percutaneous coronary intervention was an effective and safe therapy for some selective acute myocardial infarction following blunt trauma. Emergency percutaneous coronary intervention should be a good choice of the patients without obvious other organ haemorrhage, early conservative treatment following delay percutaneous coronary intervention is an optional method in cases accompanied by other organ haemorrhage.

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