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GW24-e0225 Epidemiological survey on hypertension hui and han patients in Ningxia city
  1. Wang Yiyong,
  2. Chen Dapeng,
  3. Jia Shaobin
  1. The General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University


Objectives The major purposes of this study are to explore the levels of blood pressure, epidemiological distribution hypertension consequently providing scientific evidence for the determination of high risk population and surveillance population and making strategies for prevention and control hypertension that will be really fit for the research areas.

Methods Multi-stage stratified randomised sampling was used in this study. All kinds of information were collected by interview, physical examination in sampled residents. The population census data of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was used for standardising rates. Comparison between the different rates of testing with Pearson χ2, Linear by linearχ2 test, T test with measurement data, Spearman rank correlation analysis, analysis of variance. Single-factor and multi-factors Logistic regression analysis were used to explore risk factors of hypertension.

Results 1, General epidemiological characteristics of hypertension: (1) The survey collected a total of 3431 people, actual survey 3044 people, response rate was 88.7%, 1617 male (53.1%), 1427 female (46.9%); the average age of male (70.1 ± 7.7) years, the average age of female (70.2 ± 8.4) years; investigates in the crowd the Han population to account for 63.4%, the Hui people have 36.6%; crowd ratio in the city is 52.2%, the village crowd ratio is 47.8%. (2) hypertension was highly prevalent in Han population than that in Hui people (P < 0.01).

Conclusions 1, The mean of SBP and DBP was higher than the national level from 2005 for adults in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, The mean of SBP and DBP were highly prevalent in Han population than that in Hui popualtion. 2, The prevalence of hypertension was lower than the nationwide level in 2002 for elderly population in Ningxia, the prevalence of hypertension in women was higher than that in men, the prevalence of hypertension in Han population was higher than that in Hui population.

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