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GW24-e3158 A intervention study of thymopentin combined trimetazidine on hearts in rats with dilated cardiomyopathy by immune-mediated
  1. Sui Xin-tong,
  2. Jia Zhi-mei
  1. Department of Cardiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University


Objectives To observe the curative effect of Thymopentin combined trimetazidine on cardiac structure and function in rats with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and its mechanism.

Methods Sixty rats with DCM were radomized into four groups (DCM1, DCM2, DCM3, DCM4, each group were fifteen rats). Rats in DCM1 group were treated with normal saline, the rats in DCM2 and DCM3 separately treat with thymopentin and trimetazidine, the rats in DCM4 interfered by thymopentin combining with trimetazidine. Another fifteen rats were in Normal group (normal control). Echocardiography, ventricular remodelling index and hemodynamic examination, inspection of levels of serum cytokine and T lymphocyte subsets were performed at four weeks after treatment in ten rats which were taken at random from each group.

Results (1) Echocardiography: After treatment LVDD and LVSD were reduced significantly,in the meanwhile IVSd, LVPWd and EF were marked increased in DCM4 group and DCM3 (< 0.01, < 0.05). However the EF of the DCM2 was increased obviously (< 0.05) without the other detection index significantly. (2) The results of T lymphocyte subsets showed that level of serum CD4 and the ratio of CD4 to CD8 were reduced significantly, while level of serum CD8 was increased significantly in DCM4 and DCM2 groups (< 0.05) after the intervention. However there was no significant defference in the detection index of DCM3 group (> 0.05). (3) The levels of serum cytokine inspection: After treatment, level of serum IL-10 was increased significantly (< 0.01, < 0.05), while level of serum IFN-г was reduced significantly (< 0.01, < 0.05) in the DCM4, DCM2 and DCM3 groups. To compared with DCM2 and DCM3 groups respectively, there were significant difference in the DCM4 group (< 0.05).

Conclusions There was immune dysfunction Rats with DCM by immune-mediated; Trimetazidine may have the function of regulating the balance of inflammatory factor levels; The effect of improving cardiac function was spuperior to Thymopentin and Trimetazidine after the drug in combination in rats with DCM.

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