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GW24-e3076 The effect of lipioc acid and Vitamin E on the exercise ability of rats
  1. Wu Xia1,
  2. Xiangying Zeng1,
  3. Xiaofei Han2,
  4. Yuanyuan Liu3,
  5. Yiding Cao1,
  6. Jixi Yan4,
  7. Yuanxun Huang1
  1. 1Hubei University
  2. 2Wuhan Physical Education of Career Academy
  3. 3Wuhan Institute of Sport
  4. 4Wuhan Branch of Wuchang Railway Hospital


Objectives Exercise fatigue is a normal physiological phenomenon in human body movement, in the training process or daily physical exercise, because the body does not adapt, or exercise intensity, exercise time, may cause the human athletic ability and physical function temporarily decline. Lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant, ten years, the drug is mainly used in the field of medicine, in treatment of diabetic neuropathy and complications, Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants, movement in the process of VE consumption increased, body metabolism,the study is to study the antioxidation effects of Vitamin E or/and lipioc acid on trained mice.

Methods After adaptive feeding for 7 days, thirty-two mate mice were randomly divided into four groups: controlgroup (C), Vitamin E group (V), lipioc acid group (A) and lipioc acid plus Vitamin E group (M). Mice in each group for swimming training every afternoon lasting three weeks. The control group with one point four millilitre of salad oil. The Vitamin E group with Vitamin E liquor 100 mg/kg.d. The lipioc acid group with lipioc acid liquor 120mg/kg.d. The mix group with mix liquor (100 mg/kg.d Vitamin E liquor plus 120 mg/kg.d.lipioc acid liquor). After three weeks swimming training, the mice were killed after exhaustive swim, the changes of mice, swimming time, skeletal muscle glucose concentration BUN, HB, SOD, MDA and GSH-Px in skeletal muscle, were determined.

Results After three weeks, compared with the control group the data about body weights, exhaustive swimming time and skeletal glucose concentration of V, A groups is not obviously different. BUN was decreased (P < 0.05), HB and skeletal muscle glucose concentration was increased (P < 0.05), compared with the control group, SOD activities in skeletal muscle were increased (P < 0.05), GSH-Px activities showed increased (P < 0.05), MDA in skeletal muscle showed decreased (P < 0.05). The mix group parameters were confusion, compared with the control group, indexes are not obviously different.


  1. α- lipoic acid and vitamin E on body weight of mice had no significant effect, that of α- LA and vitamin E two drugs and two drugs and glucose metabolism, not directly related to fat metabolism, but conducive to growth and muscle strength enhancement organis.

  2. α- lipoic acid and vitamin E were significantly prolonged exercise mice swimming to exhaustive time, that of α- LA and vitamin E have anti-fatigue effect, after the general effect is better compared to each index conclusion a- lipoic acid oxidatio.

  3. separate use of alpha lipoic acid or vitamin E can effectively inhibit the exercise training resulted in decreased content of Hb in mice, enhanced the content of muscle glycogen, display of α-LA and vitamin E can give the body energy reserves to strengthen its ability of aerobic exercise.

  4. α- lipoic acid anAd vitamin E can significantly decrease the content of MDA training in the skeletal muscles of mice, increase the SOD, GSH-Px enzyme activity, high intensity and long time exercise to produce excess free radicals and leads to exercise fatigue, the experimental results confirm the single drug group and effectively reduce the free radical overproduction and delayed exercise-induced fatigue.

  5. to the combined use of drugs in the group of alpha lipoic acid and vitamin E in compound parameters of chaos, and other drug groups compared to the worst effect.

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