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Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction
  1. Alistair S Hall (a.s.hall{at}
  1. Leeds Institute for Genetics Health & Therapeutics, United Kingdom
    1. Julian Barth (julian.barth{at}
    1. Leeds Teaching Hospital, United Kingdom


      The word “Universal” has many applications most notably as an adjective to describe the entire physical universe. One cannot help wondering therefore whether the current redefinition will be robust enough to be applied to other huminoid life forms in this or other galaxies. If it were only robust enough to be applied on planet earth then that in itself would be “a small step for a man but a giant setup for mankind.” Taking the first word from the title of the recent Editorial of one the new guideline’s lead authors, the past history, and likely future of this important topic has been / will remain more “evolution” than “big-bang”. However, it is very much in the nature and practice of cardiovascular medicine / surgery to “boldly go” and fully explore / tame - this new “Universe”. To this end, we would also strongly advocate that professional bodies, research sponsors, healthcare providers / policy-makers / funders – mobilize their forces in full support of this important international agenda.

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