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The key role of the RV in the pathogenesis of acute pulmonary oedema
  1. David H MacIver1,
  2. Andrew L Clark2
  1. 1Department of Cardiology, Taunton and Somerset Hospital, Taunton, UK
  2. 2Academic Department of Cardiology, University of Hull, Hull, UK
  1. Correspondence to Professor David H MacIver, Department of Cardiology, Taunton and Somerset Hospital, Taunton TA1 5DA, UK; david.maciver{at}

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Dear Editor,

The article entitled ‘The pathophysiology of hypertensive acute heart failure’1 provides an excellent contemporary review of mechanisms involved in the development of acute pulmonary oedema (APO). We wish to highlight the potential important role of the RV in the pathogenesis of APO.2

APO is often thought to result from backward pressure where a disease of the LV causes the LV end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP) to rise, resulting in …

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