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Outcomes of catecholamine and/or mechanical support in Takotsubo syndrome


Objective This study aimed to reveal the clinical characteristics of patients with severe Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) who needed catecholamine support (CS) or mechanical support (MS) and to identify factors associated with serious illness and in-hospital mortality.

Methods This was a nationwide retrospective study that used claims data from the Japanese registry of all cardiac and vascular diseases and the diagnosis procedure combination registry, from April 2012 to March 2016. The patients with TTS were divided into severe TTS and mild TTS groups. The severe group was defined as patients who needed CS and/or MS.

Results Among 6169 patients with TTS, 1148 (18.6%) had severe TTS. No significant difference in age was found between the two groups; however, the number of female patients was significantly lower in the severe group than in the mild group. Among 130 patients who underwent MS, 22 and 108 patients required MS alone and both MS and CS, respectively. The 30-day mortality rate was significantly higher in the severe group than in the mild group (11.4% vs 2.6%, p<0.01) and increased with age. Of the patients with severe TTS, 65.6% died within 7 days. Multivariable analysis showed that male sex (OR 1.22, p=0.03), higher Charlson scores (OR 1.11, p<0.01), comorbid pneumonia (OR 1.68, p<0.01), comorbid sepsis (OR 6.02, p<0.01) and ambulance use (OR 2.01, p<0.01) were associated with severe TTS.

Conclusions The rate of severe TTS was 18.6% among 6169 patients registered in the Japanese nationwide database, and the 30-day mortality was higher in patients with severe TTS than in those with mild TTS (11.4% vs 2.6%).

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