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  • Association between miscarriage and future maternal cardiovascular disease
    Nikolaos Vlachadis

    To the Editor


    The excellent article by Oliver-Williams and co-authors (1) provides strong evidence to link miscarriages, the most prevalent major complication of pregnancy, the commonest situation in women's life, with coronary heart disease (CHD), the leading cause of death in women.

    The relationship between miscarriage and cardiovascular risk should be attributed to certain risk factor...

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    Kenan Yalta

    Kenan YALTA, MD

    Nasir SIVRI, MD

    Bilal GEYIK, MD

    Ertan YETKIN, MD

    Trakya ?niversity, Cardiology Department, Edirne, Turkey

    Corresponding Author: Kenan Yalta , e-mail: kyalta@gmail.com

    In their recently published elegant article (1), Padfield GJ et al have reported potential cardiovascular effects of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) antagonism i...

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  • Saphenous vein graft patency: 33 year angiographic finding of a pristine vein graft to the left anterior descending artery
    Suresh Keshavamurthy

    I read the publication by Efthymiou et al and was keen to obtain a few clarifications from the authors. -I suspect that the vein was harvested by an open technique as opposed an endo vein harvest which I feel has had an important role to play in the 'pristine' quality noted. -what medications was the patient on; aspirin etc; -any co-morbid conditions viz.,hypertension,diabetes etc.,. -how was the aortotomy managed with the...

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  • other consequences of compression of the left atrium
    oscar,m jolobe

    When the stomach compresses the left atrium this can cause paroxysmal atrial fibrillation(1), and it can also cause syncope, the latter associated with deep S waves in Lead I, deep Q waves in lead III, and ST segement depression in leads V2 to V6(2). In the reported patient with syncope attributable to left atrial compression(the latter diagnosed by computed tomography) symptoms were associated with a fall in blood press...

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  • Dental surveillance in the adult congenital heart disease population
    Alison L Drayton

    To the Editor, we read with interest the editorial by Chambers et al. exploring the issue of dental surveillance in the UK and its relationship with infective endocarditis, here referenced1. This editorial highlights the requirement for comprehensive dental surveillance to detect and manage poor oral health (a significant risk factor for bacteraemia) as an essential preventative strategy for infective endocarditis and its...

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  • Re:Visualising the conducting system
    Calum MacRae

    Dear Editor

    Dr. Anderson's letter in response to this editorial seems to have over interpreted the phrase 'naked eye'. I used the phrase, in what I had hitherto thought was its typical application, as a figure of speech for visual perception without the aid of a means of a magnification device. I apologize that I was not aware of the apparently common ironic use of the phrase in developmental cardiac anatomy....

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  • Scaling cardiac dimensions to body size is crucial in the cardiovascular care of elite athletes
    Axel Pressler

    As part of their systematic review and meta-analysis, the authors emphasize the impact of body surface area on athletes heart (1). They underline the critical importance of reporting anthropometrics and/or appropriately scaled data in future studies, but conclude that this approach to analysis is unfortunately rare. We like to refer the interested reader to our recent comprehensive analysis of the influence of various ra...

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  • is hepatic congestion a risk factor for cholanigitis in heart failure patients with coexisting choledocholithiasis?
    oscar,m jolobe

    The corollary to the association of incident heart failure and an increase in serum gamma glutamyl transferase(GGT)(1) is that fluctuations in the severity of heart failure might, also, have the potential to trigger fluctuations in blood levels of this parameter. Fluctuations in serum GGT levels(including restoration to the normal range) also occur during the course of the natural history of choledocholithiasis(CDL), eve...

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  • Pure arterial CABG using BIMA
    Nawwar Al-Attar

    To the Editor, We read with interest the paper by Itagaki et al in Heart (1). The authors investigate the impact of bilateral internal mammary artery (BIMA) use in 1 526 360 isolated coronary artery bypass operations on inhospital mortality and deep sternal wound infection (DSWI). While there is survival benefit with BIMA, it was associated with higher incidence of DSWI but only in patients with chronic complications of d...

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  • Raised troponin levels in COPD: a possible mechanism
    Matthew M. Orde

    I read with interest the recent papers and editorial concerning elevated levels of troponin in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (references - 1: S?yseth V et al, Acute exacerbation of COPD is associated with fourfold elevation of cardiac troponin T, Heart 2013;99:2 122-126; 2: Stone IS et al, Raised troponin in COPD: clinical implications and possible mechanisms, Heart doi:10.1136/heartjnl-2012- 302969; and...

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