Table 1

Antibodies and antisera used in the immunohistochemical study

AntibodySpecificityTargetSourcePretreatment and dilution
MW, microwave oven.
UCHL-1Human antigen CD45ROT lymphocytesDakoNone, 1:200
PGM-1Human antigen CD68MacrophagesDako10′ Trypsin 37°C, 1:40
Glycophorin-AGlycophorin-AErythrocytesDakoNone, 1:100
QBEND/10Human antigen CD34EndotheliaSerotecNone, 1:100
HHF35α and γ isotypes of skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle actinSmooth muscle cellsEnzo DiagnosticNone, 1:100
CD41aIIIa platelet glycoproteinPlateletsImmunotech20′ Subtilysin 37°C, 1:100
CD61IIb/IIIa platelet glycoproteinPlateletsImmunotech2 × 5′ MW 500 W, 1:50
FibrinogenFibrinogen and fibrinFibrin networkBiogenexNone, 1:200