Table 1

Clinical, anatomic and haemodynamic features, and serum cardiac markers in adenosine treated and control groups

Control group (n=16)Adenosine treated (n=12)p Value
CCS, Canadian Cardiovascular Society; CK-MB, MB isoenzyme of creatine kinase; LAD, left anterior descending coronary artery; LCx, left circumflex coronary artery; PTCA, percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty; RCA, right coronary artery.
Clinical features
Age (years)66 (11)59 (9)
Sex (male/female)10/612/0
Anginal syndrome on admission (n)
CSS class 1–2115
CSS class 3–457
Antianginal medications (n)
β Blocking agents119
Calcium channel blocking agents75
Long acting nitrates74
Anatomic and haemodynamic features
Vessel undergoing PTCA (n)
Maximal balloon diameter (mm)3.0 (0.3)3.0 (0.5)NS
Maximal balloon pressure (atm)9.7 (3.8)8.1 (3.1)NS
Stent implantation (n)85NS
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)
    Before study drug infusion151 (36)128 (18)NS
    After study drug infusion154 (40)132 (22)NS
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)
    Before study drug infusion76 (12)77 (9)NS
    After study drug infusion78 (13)77 (9)NS
Heart rate (beats/min)
    Before study drug infusion71 (14)70 (9)NS
    After study drug infusion71 (12)74 (9)NS
Chest pain score
    During study drug infusion3 (10)50 (46)<0.001
    During balloon inflation75 (59)82 (53)NS
ST segment shift (mm)12.4 (11.1)6.1 (5.5)0.085
Serum cardiac markers
Before PTCA
    CK-MB (μg/l)2.04 (1.05)2.08 (1.29)NS
    Troponin I (μg/l)0.23 (0.50)0.86 (2.05)NS
24 hours after PTCA
    CK-MB (μg/l)9.41 (9.86)3.23 (2.02)0.043
    Troponin I (μg/l)3.09 (4.92)1.94 (2.48)NS
Difference between before and 24 hours after PTCA
    CK-MB (μg/l)7.36 (10.12)1.15 (1.90)0.047
    Troponin I (μg/l)2.85 (5.00)1.09 (2.69)NS