Table 4

In-hospital and 30 day clinical events after off-pump bypass surgery

Author (ref)YearNumber of patientsDeathCVAAMIRFInfRedoAF
All events are expressed as percentage.
AF, atrial fibrillation; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; Inf; infection; nr, not reported; off-p, off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery, on-p, on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery; Redo, postoperative rethoracotomy for bleeding, infection or graft revision; RF, postoperative new renal failure.
Subramanianw261997 1823.80.53.8nr2.73.28.0
Sternikw271997 643.11.63.1nrnrnrnr
Diegelerw301998 2090.5nr1.9nrnr2.4nr
Jansenw311998 1000.02.04.0nr1.01.012.0
Magovernw191998 600.00.0nrnrnr1.7nr
Calafiorew331999 1220.00.00.0nrnr0.89.8
Arom42000 3503.
Koutlasw122000 530.
Varghesew352001 352.9nr2.95.7nrnr23.0
Yeatmanw362001 751.
Puskas192001 2001.01.51.0nr0.01.5nr
Van Dijk (39)2002142 off-p0.
139 on-p0.